Samantha Russell has been dancing for 23 years.  She grew up in the competition world training under Christy Curtis in Raleigh, NC.  While training under Curtis, she had the privilege of working with popular choreographers such as Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, Wes Veldink, Jason Parsons, Lauren Adams, Tabitha & Napoleon D'umo, and Nick Bass.  Sam continued her dance training as a conservatory student at Purchase College, State University of New York (2007-2008), and then completed her training at Appalachian State University (2008-2011) in the mountains of NC.  She holds two Bachelors degrees in Dance Performance and Technical Photography.  As a newer resident of New Haven, CT, Sam makes her living as a classically trained Pilates instructor (certified with 600+ hours), dance teacher, choreographer, and performer.  She is a current member of Elm City Dance Collective (ECDC) and she is also a member and co-founder of Defero Dance Collective, based out of North Carolina.

Class description: A modern-contemporary blend with inspiration drawn from methods such as Pilates, Gyrokinesis, and Yoga, Sam's class is one where the floor is our friend and free expression and community are our goals.  With a focus on technique and alignment, we'll explore how to move with strength and fluidity while playing with musicality and a little improvisation.  :)  Come expand yourself both in mind and body as you allow yourself to lose all judgments and meet your body wherever it is when you walk through the door.  While the class will move at a more advanced pace, know that you are the boss of your body and that all modifications and mindful choices are invited!