Photo by Daniel Eugene Photography

Photo by Daniel Eugene Photography

Saturday, April 14, NWD performance @ 4pm

National Water Dance is an artist-driven collective of dancers and educators confronting critical water issues facing the United States. Stretching from New York to Hawaii and from Alaska to Puerto Rico we create simultaneous, site-specific dance performances with movers of all ages and experience. Created and directed by Dale Andree, National Water Dance believes that our environment is the most pressing issue of this generation and as dancers we are using our bodies to create a community that reaches out for action. 

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People In Motion is a movement and performance project for adult non-movers and movers alike. ECDC invites people to experience the power of dance through the practice and performance of making dance in the moment also known as dance improvisation or compositional improvisation. ECDC is looking to help people remember what their bodies are capable of and how great it feels to connect with other human beings through the art of dance and dance making. This project involves a 3-4 class/skill building structure; a weekend-long workshop; and a final performance by the participants.

People in Motion 2016: Sunday, April 24 10am-12pm/skill building class; Sunday, May 15, 10am-12pm/skill building class; June 4-5, 12:30-3:30pm/workshop and performance. For more information contact Kellie at

People in Motion 2016 was supported by the Arts Council of Greater New Haven.