Kate Seethaler graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Dance from Springfield College in 2008. During her undergraduate career, she also minored in Theatre and Philosophy. Kate joined ECDC soon after its inception; she danced in and collaborated on most of the collective's works from 2008 to 2014. Kate was one of ECDC’s 2011-2012 Emerging Choreographers alongside Leah Moriarty. She has performed in works by Nazarene Paglia, Judy Dworin, Tania Isaac, Doug Elkins, Katie Martin, Joy Davis, Stephanie Maher and under the theatrical direction of Martin Shell.  Kate currently resides in Northampton, MA with her beloved husband Joe. She is an MFA Candidate and Teaching Fellow in the Smith College Department of Dance.

Class Description: Kate's class will take a playful approach to experimenting with effort and ease, exploring both small nuance and grand expansiveness. With emphases on floor work, subtlety, risk-taking, spinal articulation and precise points of initiation, we will propel our bodies juicily through space We will sweat, think, dance big (and small) and generate joy!