If You Knew You Then


If You Knew You Then (2017), 60 minutes

Choreography by Kellie Ann Lynch in collaboration with the dancers: Luis Antonio, Lindsey Bauer, Tara Lee Burns, Nikki Carrara, Samantha Russell and Alicia White.

"If You Knew You Then" is a patchwork reconstruction of circumstances evolved from revisiting past behaviors and memories of the dancers' younger selves. Emerged from themes such as leader and follower, aggression, tension and support, and peer influence, the 60-minute work builds a robust movement landscape where the performers are challenged with negotiating group chemistry and social constructs as they move through a social and solitary terrain. 

*All photos on this page are by James Lastowski


Kept hidden, including from ourselves, our old mistakes and embarrassments weigh heavily. Shared even if only with ourselves, in a room where we know others are doing it too, the grip is loosened, the dam is cracked, the cloud begins to break. - Dan Mims, Daily Nutmeg | FULL ARTICLE HERE
But If You Knew You Then is neither a love letter to past selves, nor a regretful glance at what might have been. Instead, it’s open-ended, full of memory but also of presence and of the present, waiting for the audience to take a seat, get comfortable under the low lights, and start pondering themselves - Lucy Gellman, The Independent | FULL ARTICLE HERE